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Products & Services


      Through a network of seven main centers, two service locations and several remote storage yards, complemented by a geographically dispersed highly skilled staff of sales and maintenance service professionals, Deme Macarale serves a variety of customers engaged in construction and maintenance projects related to power plants, refineries, bridge and road, alternative energy, water treatment and purification, hospitals, shipbuilding and other infrastructure and commercial construction.

Target Markets

- Construction Industry
- Agriculture
- Energy Sector
- Chemical Industry
- Road and bridge construction
- Plant Engineering

Service Portofolio

- Engineering
- Planning
- Realization
- Management
      We are adapted to being challenged with almost unsolvable problems. Our experienced employees with high-performance equipment can manage any difficult task. The crane hire division currently has a fleet of approx. 72 cranes with lifting capacities at 150 meters and load-bearing capacities of up to 750 tons .

      So far, Deme Macarale has transported goods, with individual weights of up to 220 tons by road, and total dimensions of 60 meters in length by 10 meters in width.

      Deme Macarale has many special semitrailer tractors, with up to four axles and outputs of approx. 730 hp. All types of trailer skips, articulated lorries and low loaders, heavy goods and hydraulic axle modules with up to 300 tons carrying capacity are available for the transportation of any kind of load.

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